Butt Aesthetics (BBL)

The essential reason why the female body is considered attractive is its curves and the harmonious succession of curled areas.

The two protruding regions in the female body are the breasts and the butt. With this feature, both contribute to aesthetic perception and affect posture. In the past, cosmetic surgery was focused on the breast area, the butt had been ignored. However, especially in the last 10 years, butt aesthetic applications have increased rapidly.

A lot of women are uncomfortable with their butt shape. For some, the problem is that the butt area is skinny, lower, or small while others complain about its size, width, or weight gain of the butt area. Women now want to have a more upright, fresh, fleshy, rounded, cellulite-free, and young-looking butt.

How is a beautiful butt defined?

The voluminosity of the butt region depends on the structure of the gluteus maximus muscle located on the bone roof and on the fat stored on it. The butt should be upright, round, and taut with the lines “bulb-bottle” shaped and soft-transitive from the waist zone to the butt. While the waist is thin, the width towards the butt should increase. The ideal waist/butt width ratio is 0.70. This ratio deteriorates with aging, increase in skin laxity, and weight changes and approaches to one so the butt takes the form of a “square.”

It is also expected for butt skin to be taut and cellulite free.

In 2004, Cuenca-Guerra listed the characteristics of an attractive butt, which are mentioned below:

The last article above has lost its validity in recent years, contrarily to have a more rounded butt has been prompted instead of slightly dented.

While the American and European white race once wanted a more athletic, relatively smaller smaller, and upright butt, the trend in perception of the Hispanic aesthetic caused the butts to be larger, more rounded, and protruding (Brazilian butt).

Mendieta classified the butt area into eight aesthetic units and mentioned them one by one. It is not enough to manage the butt only for the ideal look, but the waist, waist-butt transition, legs, and even abdominal region should also be assessed separately and then as a whole. To achieve the ideal ratio (0.70), the necessary interventions should be performed for each.

The usual applicants for butt surgery

Types of butt aesthetics

It is possible to use different techniques and methods depending on the discomfort in butt aesthetics. In general, butt aesthetics, according to the desired result, can be examined under three main headings:

While butt reduction is mainly performed with liposuction, methods such as fat injection, augmentation with prosthesis, composite augmentation with prosthesis and fat injection, and augmentation by performing autoprosthesis with flaps can be used for butt enlargement. And for butt lift liposuction, fat injection, and skin removal methods are used individually or in combination.

Butt augmentation with silicone implants

Just like in breast augmentation operations, the butt is made well-rounded and raised by placing a silicone prosthesis(implant). The silicone prostheses we use in butt augmentation are more intense and specially designed.

These prostheses placed under the muscle cannot be felt while sitting or lying down.

It is usually a 1.5-hour operation.

It is performed under general anesthesia.

It is possible to be discharged within the same day and to return to work after 3 to 4 days following the operation.

In this operation, the scar is hidden in the butt fold.

Butt aesthetics with fat injection

The excess fat in the abdomen, waist, and buttocks is taken by liposuction, then concentrated through special procedures and replaced again on the upper part of the butt. With this method, the butt is plumped, and a lifted appearance is achieved.

This method can be applied if you have a less or moderate enlargement demand than a silicone prosthesis. Of course, the skin quality and the structure of cellulite affect the choice of this method. Some amount of fat injected into the butt through the butt augmentation procedure with fat injection will melt, but about 60 percent of the fat remains in the butt in one year.

During butt enlargement with fat injection, it is possible to intervene in every part of the butt. It also allows shaping of the waist area because liposuction is performed at the same time. Fat injection can also be used as a supportive procedure for better results in people who have butt augmentation with silicone prosthetics.

Since it is an operation with very small millimetric incisions, there will be no noticeable scarring.

Butt aesthetic with fat injection is usually an operation lasting 1.5 hours under local or general anesthesia.

You can be discharged on the same day after the operation and 4-5 days is needed to return to your work. A recovery corset should be worn for the first two weeks after the procedure.

Butt aesthetics after obesity surgery

People who lose weight through surgery (gastric bypass, sleeve, etc.) or diet and sports have severe sagging in the butt region. The approach to our patients in this group is different and specific.

For people with this complaint, it is often possible to stretch and lift the abdomen and butt area in one session. During this procedure, tissue that should be removed from the butt area can be recycled. It is possible to get a lifelong prosthetic appearance obtained from one's tissue by filling this tissue into the butt which is shaped and lifted like a prosthesis. Thus, patients in the post-obesity group may have a plump and steeper butt.

Types of Body Aesthetic Surgery

There are different types of body aesthetics that can be applied depending on the type of problem experienced.

Types of Body Aesthetic Surgery

There are different types of body aesthetics that can be applied depending on the type of problem experienced.

Questions from you about butt aesthetics

Yes, today, men are also interested in butt aesthetics. In fact, in many studies, the butt is one of the most attractive parts of the male body according to women. They say that an upright and tight male butt looks attractive. Many men may also feel uncomfortable with their appearance because of their low and skinny butts.

This decision depends on your body structure. If you are too weak, a silicone prosthesis solution has to be chosen since it will not be possible to absorb enough fat to shape your butt.

If you have a sufficient amount of fat, then forming with fat transfer will also be a preferable solution, but keep in mind that some of the fat transferred will melt anyway.

Two methods can be combined in persons with appropriate body structures.

Some of the fat injected will melt in time. A combination with PRP or stem cells can be applied to make it persistent, but these processes will raise the cost. Another solution is to inject more than necessary at the beginning since we know that some of the fat will melt. In addition, it is possible to freeze and store the excess fat to inject it another time under local anesthesia.

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